Building Design and Maintenance Guidelines for Pest Control

Pest presence either inside the living space or surroundings has repercussions on health and safety.

For example, pests can contaminate food. As a result, it leads to the transmission of several diseases. That’s why the occupants need to follow certain building design and maintenance guidelines.

  • Ensure the surrounding is free from debris. Again, there shouldn’t be any stagnant water.
  • Make sure the walls and roof are waterproof. Otherwise, the moisture on it will attract pests.
  • Check doors and windows are a tight fit so that pests won’t enter.
  • Put on exterior lights so that insects won’t swarm near the building.
  • Always maintain the garbage inside the home and try to empty it on a daily basis. If there are containers outside the home, then it must be covered with lids.
  • Identify the cracks and crevices inside the home and eliminate those. Because these places could be breeding grounds for pests.
  • Keep food containers on the pallets and place them a little bit away from the walls. As a result, you can inspect and clean from time to time.
  • Keep the rodent traps at strategic locations.

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