Termidor, Bora-Care-Altriset provides long-lasting protection against termites making the termite control process as easy as possible. With this treatment, your tenants only need to vacate the premise for 4-6 hours. However, if the infestation is severe and tenting is necessary, we will notify residents of termite treatment dates, provide written instructions, coordinate a schedule that is convenient for all parties involved and even coordinate with the gas company the shut-off and restore.

A home is one of the greatest properties and biggest investments you will make and leads to headaches if there is are any damages to fix. Unfortunately, termites are experts in causing major damage to a home, especially subterranean termites since they live in the soil and work their way up into the home, which compromises the foundation and resulting in costly repairs.

To protect your valuable home, feel free to contact us for a Home Termite Inspection Malibu!