Your home is one of the biggest investments.

Protect it by repairing the damage as soon as possible.

With over 20 years of wood repair experience, we can offer you a complete package of treatments and repairs for your home.

Please enjoy a few videos of our encounters of termite damage.


It is estimated that termites damage amounts to 3 Billion dollars a year in repairs. Many homes are built off of wood, and since termites diet consist of wood and only wood, we can guarantee your home has been damaged if it has termites.

Not only do they compromise the structure, they can cause a domino affect when rain comes down. In addition, the value of your home is reduced by termite damage.

Also, if the repairs are not done, the damaged wood would be as a furnished home for new termites, starting the damage where the last termites left off. This could cause further damage without being detected for longer periods of time.


There are two ways of fixing damaged wood.

• Patching
• Replacing

Our experienced inspectors will be able to determine if the damage wood needs to be replaced or patched. How?


When the damage is minimum, 30% or less, patching the wood is recommended. We use BandoTM all purpose putty, a professional grade filler. This filler is packed into the wood. In less than an hour, the filler hardens, gets sanded down by the carpenter, primed then painted.


When the stability of the wood is compromised, replacing the wood is recommended. During the initial inspection, the inspector will take note of the type of wood and the size. The damaged wood is removed, the new wood takes its place. Once stable, the wood is primed and painted.

Note - We also offer preheated wood with Bora-CareTM.

All repairs comes with 30-day warranty.

Pre-Treat Wood

Interested in long lasting termite prevention? We offer pre-treating the wood we replace with Bora-CareTM. Bora-CareTM is a chemical that stays active in the wood up to 9 years*, affecting termites and wood-eating beetles. We offer 3 year warranty on pre-treated wood.

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