Fumigation (3 Day Process)


Fumigation is performed when there is an excess amount of dry-wood termites in the property or if the termite infestation is going into inaccessible areas such as behind the drywall, or in acute attic corners. During the process, VikaneTM is injected and the structure is tented for a minimum of two nights. This method ensures ALL dry-wood termites in the structure will be affected, even the termites hiding behind the walls.

Fumigation, or tenting, involves covering the entire structure for a minimum of two nights. This method of treatment exterminates all drywood termites in the structure, even the ones hiding within the walls. We recommend this method when there is a heavy infestation of drywood termites, or if the infestation has entered into inaccessible areas such as behind the drywall.

How Does It Work?

During the fumigation, we use Vikane ™, a gas that fully circulates all areas of the property. The chemical itself is odorless and tasteless, and does not leave any residue behind.

The home is affected for 24 hours. Once the mark hits, the ventilation are open and the gas dissipates into the air. After another 24-hour, it is safe to go back inside, worry free. To ensure it is safe to go back inside, the team has a special machine that checks the air quality and use it in every room in the structure before they allow you back in.

Once you are allowed back in, you can rest assure you are going back in to a home free of termites.

We Understand

Fumigation can be a hassle. For this reason, we have developed a guide to assist you in the process and make it easier for you.

Fumigation Planning Guide

This guide will provide steps to prepare your home and family for the fumigation. It will also answer many frequently asked questions.

Food Bagging Instructions

This guide will show you how to properly store your food in special Nylon™ bags provided by My Termite Co. Also, it will list the items that need to be bagged and ones that don’t.

We go above our competitors by offering extra services to make the fumigation process as easy as possible!

Preparing a home for a single-family home is stressful enough, adding tenants to the equation triples the stress! Rest assure though, we take care of the tenants for you. We schedule group meetings two weeks before the fumigation and one-to-one meetings a day before the fumigation to ensure the tenants are well prepared to completely reduce the chance of setbacks. More importantly, we reduce your stress. This service is included at no additional cost.

We can recommend you a local, low-cost gardener if you don’t have anyone.

Don’t have the experience or time to properly bag your food? Don’t worry, we also have a sister company that can assist you with it!

Worried Of The Chemicals?

We understand how the thought of a toxic chemical entering your home can be daunting. But rest assure, many tests and studies have been performed to ensure it is completely safe after a fumigation. In addition, California is one of the only states who developed a fumigation division in the Agricultural Department to regulate all fumigation companies to ensure they are performing up to standard.