Fumigation (3 Day Process)

Generally, the fumigation process takes a duration of three days and two nights. At My Termite Company, we want to make sure every fumigation process is as safe and stress-free as possible for our clients. Tenting is recommended when the infestation is widespread; when termites are in several areas of the structure or in inaccessible areas. Whole-structure treatments eliminate the infestation in the whole house and including pests that are hiding. Although this treatment requires a long process, it is not a repellent against new termites. Follow-ups are recommended to keep your termite problems as simple as possible.

When a house is tented, anything consumable such as All kinds of food, medicine, pet food, tobacco, and the dental product must be properly bagged or removed from the property. For your convenience, we offer that service for an extra charge. Prior to fumigation all food and drink destined for human consumption, together with pet products, should be sealed in special protective Nylofume plastic bags, even if they are stored in a refrigerator or deep freeze.


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