Drywood Termites Localized Treatment

Drywood termites eat wood, subsequently resulting in great structural damage to your home if untreated. Generally, a homeowner’s insurance policy does not include destruction resulted in by termites. These termites cause more than one billion dollars in damage to homes all over the United States every year. Our focused inspection and treatment supports you to be free from the threat of termites, and take some essential steps to protect your home.

My Termite Company provides different methods of extermination for dry-wood termite. Spot or localized treatments are recommended when the infestation is accessible and exposed, and it’s often applied to a single board or small group of boards. We use a variety of products such as powders, liquids or foams depending on the areas where the colonies are located. When the infestation is severe or in inaccessible areas, fumigation is recommended.



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