Customized Termite Solution

  • Our inspector will determine the best protection plan for your home. Whether your house needs a Localized Termite Treatment, Termite Fumigation (3 days tenting), Soil Treatment or Foam Treatment, you can rest assured, only the most advanced techniques along with best products in the market (Organic or traditional) will be used to protect your investment.
  • Our exclusive customized termite solutions will support and treat your termite problem at the source and nip any termite issues immediately. As any two problems are not alike, My Termite Company takes into account every feature of your property when making a customized plan that fits with exactly what your property requires.
  • Sometimes, termite control may be a combination of some methods such as termiticide treatment, a baiting system, foaming, moisture control, or removal of wood, etc.

We provide Termite Inspections and Termite Control Services to:

Home-Owners, Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Contractors, HOA, Property Management, Escrows, Investors, ETC