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Details of services we offer:

Termite Inspection Near Me

Termite Inspections

All areas of the structure and surroundings need to be inspected such as: Interior of all room(s), bathroom(s), kitchen, Attic, Basement Crawl spaces and stall showers.

After the termite inspection is completed, a detailed written report will be provided within twenty-four hours. On the report, you will find the location of any evidence from termites, fungus, termite damage, dry rot, and any other wood destroying organisms. The report will also mention any condition that could lead to future termite infestation or compromise the structural integrity of wood members. In addition, we will provide the proper solution to each finding along with the service price for each recommendation. Whether Termite Fumigation or Termite Treatments are recommend. You can rest assure it will be the right solution to eliminate the problem.

Subterranean Termites Treatment

Subterranean termites are founded beneath the house and make their homes in the soil. For this reason, the soil needs to be treated.
The goal of the treatment is to put a chemical blanket between the termites in the soil and the structure above.

Depending on the type of construction, treatment may involve, trenching and/or rodding or vertical drilling to treat the soil.

Subterranean Termites are attracted to moisture. It’s important to avoid this condition to prevent re-infestation.

Termite Inspection Near Me
Termite Inspection Near Me

Drywood Termites Localized Treatment

We provide different methods of extermination for drywood termite.

Spot or localized treatments are recommended when the infestation is accessible and exposed, and it’s often applied to a single board or small group of boards. We use a variety of products such as powders, liquids or foams depending on the areas were the colonies are located.

When the infestation is severe or in inaccessible areas, fumigation is recommended.

Termite Inspection Near Me

Fumigation (3 DAY PROCESS)

Tenting is recommended when the infestation is widespread; when termites are in several areas of the structure or in inaccessible areas. Whole-structure treatments eliminate the infestation in the whole house, including pests hidden from view. Although this treatment requires a long process, it is not a repellent against new termites. Follow-ups are recommended to keep your termite problems as simple as possible.

When a house is tented, anything consumable such as: All kind of food, medicine, pet food, tobacco, and dental products, etc needs to be properly bagged or removed from the property. For your convenience, we offer that service for an extra charge. See below for more info.

Termite Inspection Near Me

Food Bagging

Prior to fumigation all food and drink destined for human consumption, together with pet products, should be sealed in special protective Nylofume plastic bags, even if they are stored in a refrigerator or deep freeze.

At my My Termite Company, we want to make sure every fumigation process is as safe and stress-free as possible for our clients. For your convenience, we now offer food bagging services for an extra charge. We also do a careful walk-through of the home before fumigation to make sure everything that needs to be bagged is.

Termite Inspection Near Me

Wood Repairs

Termite Repairs are important to prevent termite re-infestation. There are many ways to approach repairing household termite damage. Each method has slight differences in the overall technique and cost considerations.

We specialize in termite repairs & do not subcontract our repairs. This way we can control who is working in and around your home and the quality of the finished product.

Because customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority all new wood will be color matched to existing wood.