Looking for a Free Termite Inspection Service?

Termite inspection is essential prior to termite treatment. It provides a clear assessment on the nature of termites or pests. Moreover, it lets you know whether the termites are in the infestation stage or just gathering around. Hence detection is the key. At times, even their presence can’t be traced. Still, you can conduct a visual inspection. However, you might fail to identify the trace of termites. It happens if you are not trained to detect. Hence you should opt for a free termite inspection service. Our experts do detection with hundred percent accuracy. The credit for doing so is due to our usage of the latest equipment. For instance, there is a drywood termite infestation at your place. And you are not aware of it. In this case, we use a borescope, a fiber optic device. This enables viewing within voids. Likewise, we have many supplemental inspection tools. All these at the disposal of our trained people ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Moreover, our staff are very experienced and physically able to conduct a thorough inspection. So there is no wrong in getting in touch with our experts for a free inspection. If there is no trace of termites or pests, you get a peace of mind. Otherwise, you would incur heavy loss by ignoring free inspection. Why emphasize this inspection? Because we have experienced this from many clients. They have no idea when termites made entry and accumulated termite pellets.