How to Prevent Termites from Damaging the Structure

Termites can cause damage to the structure of a building. But by initiating certain preemptive measures, it can be prevented. Preventive measures should begin at the initial stage of construction. This can help prevent termites from entering the living space and eventually growing in numbers. This initiative is usually either neglected or never performed, leaving building structures vulnerable to infestations. Our experts at My Termite Company would like to advise and extend consultation on ideal building practices to real estate companies.

We employ experts that help guide clients on the dangerous of termites and their direct contact with soil. Removing debris like roots and wood from a building site nullifies the presence of termites. Another crucial preventive measure involves wall and pier foundations. Making foundations impenetrable can prevent termites from making their way inside. Other significant preventive measures include

  • raised porches
  • concrete terraces
  • metal termite shields