How to Improve the Efficacy of Heat Treatments to Control Drywood Termites?

Heat treatment is mostly preferred as a non-chemical treatment. If there is a need to control drywood termites, heated air is used. However, there are a couple of challenges in doing so. While giving heat treatment, there could be issues with hard-to-heat areas (structural heat sinks). There could be potential risk of causing damage to heat-sensitive items. To address this challenge our experts prefer a volatile essential oil. It has the potential to enhance the overall efficacy of heat treatments. Therefore, reach us for a service against drywood termites. We can resort to heat treatment. And for getting better results, we can use volatile oil. Why is this oil preferred? Because it is a scientific method where the following things have been analyzed:

  • Lethal temperatures (LTemp50 and LTemp99 values)
  • Probabilities of mortality
  • Survivorship data

That reflects that we have many more options to provide termite control service. We keep on following whatever treatment options are available on the market. We have already delivered a few clients the heat treatment along with the use of oil. We have observed that this combination yields in killing the drywood termites effectively. Besides, we can deliver liquid or dust insecticide injections. Just give us confirmation that you notice an infestation. We would see what can be done at your place as a part of termite treatment. Hope you would get in touch with our experts.