How to deal with Fire Ants?

Fire ants belong to pests and they spread quickly wherever they present. Bite by this ant is painful. Apart from this, these ants indulge in destructive activities. There are certain proven methods to combat fire ants. The bait method is one of the effective ways to control fire ants. Bait should be placed where the termite colonies are present. We provide fire ants control service in and around Malibu to control the ants through a bait method that is executed scientifically. Once your place is treated by our experts, you won’t find the fire ants shortly. Another way to deal with fire ants is mound treatment. You might have seen the mounds in your living place making a deep burrow. As a part of mound treatment, we use an insecticide in a manner that even the ants very deep inside can be eliminated.

Moreover, to overcome the ant colony, the need is to eliminate the queen. Here our experts use the rod method to place the bait with the intent of terminating the queen. Once the queen is eliminated, then it becomes easy to deal with the mound. Besides you can resort to flooding the fire ants area with hot water. This method you can do yourself if you are not interested in hiring professional service. Please contact us at (818) 940-0203 for fire ants extermination.