How to Control Termites through Construction Methods?

Termites cause extensive damage to the property if preventive measures are not taken. Again, it should be taken before building construction. Thus, those who are in the real estate industry must give adequate emphasis on termite control measures, if it happens to be the construction of a new building. There are multiple approaches to implement in this respect. So, what is essential is the removal of nests if any, and palatable wood from the construction site in advance.

Then the next responsibility is selecting woods having the attribute of natural repellency. At times, it becomes difficult to obtain this kind of wood. In this circumstance, woods need to be impregnated through a chemical preservative. Mostly we recommend this kind of preemptive measures to stakeholders in the construction industry.

The creation of a chemical barrier through treating exposed wood in the building with termiticides is a good idea. Then place the wood above the concrete footing. Once the materials are selected additional preventative measures related to construction needs to be taken such as:

  • Internal preventive measures within the plinth
  • External preventive measures as concrete grooves
  • Interlocking apron floors in the periphery of the building

To put it simply, build the structure with all preventive measures in place. Your houses may be made of solid concrete and metal along with glasses. However, all these don’t assure damage by termites unless there is a proper design in place to access entry. So if you are serious about protecting your building,contact our experts.