In preparation for your property’s fumigation, you will need to arrange your home beforehand. We will help you prepare through this study guide.

The responsibility of the homeowner is to ensure all tasks on this checklist are completed before the crew arrives. Failure to do so may result in delay of fumigation.

As soon as possible

  • Schedule gas shut-off and restoration with your gas service at least 5 working days in advance. (My Termite Company may contact the gas company in your behalf. It is homeowners responsibility to confirm)
  • Please inform My Termite Co. if you are aware of any conduit, pipes, or ducts connected from the property being fumigated to another structure not being fumigated (Ex. detached garage, sheds, gas meters, etc)
  • Block off all areas where pets/animals (such as cats, raccoons, skunks, etc) may hide in or under the property.
  • Inform your local post office or other delivery services know to hold off your mail or packages.
  • If needed make security arrangements.
  • Make living arrangement for family and pets. (Termite fumigation consists of three days and two nights, unless otherwise specified)
  • Inform your neighbors about the fumigation if the structure is at the edge of their property, the fumigation crew may need to step on your neighbors property to correctly cover the structure.

Two days before

  • Make arrangements to remove all valuables deemed necessary such as jewelry, laptops, etc.
  • Make arrangements for all of your plants in and around the structure, to be removed and taken care of as needed
  • Trim all plants and/or trees touching/en-wrapped on the outside of the structure
  • Organize and correctly store all consumable items in the provided Nylon bags. Follow instructions provided.
  • Sign and return all contracts and documentations
    *Any plants left inside the fumigation tarp will die.

One day before

  • Water the soil up to 12 inches surrounding the structure. Drench all plants and or trees that can not be removed. This will help with the survival of the plant and or tree.
  • Ensure all items with air pockets to be left open such as waterproof covers on mattresses.
  • Retract all awnings
  • Make key arrangement with My Termite Company for all areas of the property including basement, garage and rooms.
  • Please note, all drawers and cabinets will be left open. One window from each room will be left open 3in.- 5in. This will ensure the gas circulates properly. All doors will be locked

Day of fumigation

  • Provided keys to the structure to the fumigation crew
  • Turn off all automatic timers, air conditioners, sprinklers, etc.
  • Evacuate all people, animals, and plants from the structure
  • Turn off all electrical heating elements such as heaters and pet habitats. (Refrigerators can stay on)
  • Turn off movement alarms
  • If any burglar alarm are to be left on, provide written instructions on operations including temporary code with fumigation crew. Please note: One window from each room will remain open during the time of the fumigation.
  • Remove all valuables from structure as necessary.
  • Ensure all Nylon bags are airtight.*

*Any consumable item not placed in unsealed containers or original airtight packaging will be discarded

**Please not the fumigation company may use your water hose to fill weight sacks to secure the fumigation tent

After fumigation

  • Re-enter structure once the tent has been removed and the fumigation crew has approved for re-entry
  • Meet with gas company to restore services. (Do not remove the clearance notice on the gas meter, the gas company will do so)*
  • Turn on any devices and timers
  • Retrieve keys from fumigation crew
  • Change alarm code, different than one provided to My Termite Company and/or fumigation crew if needed

*The gas company will arrive between the hours of 12pm-8pm the day the fumigation tent is removed. An adult must be present when the gas company arrive in order for the gas to be turned back on. Failure to do so will reqire the homeowner to coordinate with the gas company to have the gas turned back on.

Any questions or concerns, please contact
My Termite Company at (323) 258-5820

Below are all the documents given to you before the start of the fumigation. If you are missing any documents, please contact My Termite Co. at 323-258-5820

  • Fumigation Notices
  • Work Authorization Contract
  • Fumigation Checklist
  • Food Bagging Instructions