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Commercial Termite Control

Alternatives Methods

We provide termite control solutions for rental owners, HOA’s, property managers and commercial buildings. We use a combination of products such as

Termidor, Bora-Care-Altriset to provide long-lasting protection against termites making the termite control process as easy as possible. With this treatments, your tenants only need to vacate the premise for 4-6 hours. However, if the infestation is severe and tenting is necessary, we will notify residents of termite treatment dates, provide written instructions, coordinate a schedule that is convenient for all parties involved and even coordinate with the gas company the shut-off and restore.


HOA buildings need to be inspected for termites once a year. A termite inspection is not like a Pest control Inspection or treatment. Termites can threat the structural integrity of entire buildings. For this reason, you should have a plan in place to have a licensed termite inspector access all the HOA’s common areas once a year.

Our detailed reports/bids include an estimate for treatments and any termite damage, any dry-rot, fungus and fungus damage.


We have extensive experience with commercial termite control and multi-unit tenants, whether they are cooperative or not. As a Property Manager/Owner, you know how costly maintaining your property could be. Termites can remain undetected for months or even years, causing great damage over time, especially if the tenants fail to inform you of any termite evidence. Save yourself stress, money, and time by keeping a termite inspection in your routine maintenance.

Commercial Buildings

Restaurants, offices, and industrial properties are also vulnerable to termites and termite infestations can negatively impact your company’s productivity, profits, and professional reputation. Even if your building is built with brick or vinyl, termites can bypass the exterior to enter and feed on ceilings, floors, cabinets, furniture—and even cardboard boxes or canvases. An early termite inspection can help avoid your clients seeing termites flying inside of your building, termite droppings or even termite damage.

We understand some businesses have a strict work schedule and cannot close down for a termite treatment. For this reason for commercial termite control, we offer treatments on weekends, dawn, and holidays to make it trouble-free for the tenants and property manager.

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