3 Bagging Instructions MTC

Nylofume bags: The trusted way to protect food, feed, drugs and medicinals from fumigations with Vikane

Nylofume bags are made from a special nylon polymer film. Research has shown that these nylon polymer bags are very effective for protecting a wide variety of commodities from vikane fumigations when used one inside the other. The Nylofume bags should be “doubled-up” before you fill them with items that need protection.

All items such as food m feed, drugs and medicinals not adequately packaged (including those items in refrigerators and freezers) must either be removed from the structure being fumigated or sealed in the protective Nylofume bags.

While bags are still empty, place one inside anotherWhile bags are still empty, place one inside another

Preventive Termite Treatment

Place items inside the inner bag. Do NOT overfill- leave clearance on top for closure of the bags.

Twist the top of the inner bag, fold once and secure the fold in place using tape or a twist tie.

Repeat Step 3With the outer bag

Check the seal by pressing gently against the sides of the bag and listening for air leaks . No air should be able to escape.

Important : Keep these and other such bags out of the reach of children

These materials have been created specifically for Vikane gas fumigant and no other structural fumigant. The information contained in these materials is base upon the product label and use instruction for Vikane and are not intended for use with other structural fumigants , which will have different product label requirements.

These materials may not be copied or reproduced without the permission of Dow Agro sciences

Know what needs to be bagged.

Thank you for choosing vikane gas fumigant the treatment that is proven to rid your home of dry wood termites . Now that you have chosen whole-structure fumigation with vikane, certain steps must be taken to keep food items and other perishable goods protected during the fumigation process. It is important to know exactly which house hold items need to be double-bagged in special Nylofume bags.

Sample items that will Not require bagging:

  • Any food , feed , drugs(including tobacco products) and medicinals in glass, plastic or metal bottles, jars or cans with the original manufactures airtight seal intac
  • Any shampoo and soaps
  • Cosmetics, lotions and any other topical creams, oils and ointments that are nonmedicinal.

Sample items that must be bagged or removed from the structure being fumigated:

Any food , feed, drugs and medicinals in glass , plastic or metal bottles, jars or cans  where the original manufacturers airtight seal has be broken.

Chips , pasta , bread , cereals, rice, cookies, crackers and any other items packaged in plastic , paper or carboard bags or boxes, even if they have never been opened.

Beverage, snacks, sauces, drugs, medicinals or other items in metallic foil-lined container such as pouches, boxes or blister packs

Pet food and animal feed in bags and boxes

Ice cubes should be discarded, and the ice maker turned off

Anything in resealable containers, including plastic containers, such as milk, butter, sour cream and cottage cheese.

Eggs, fruits, vegetable and any other forms of produce

Medicine, tobacco, vitamins, and other ingestible pills, supplements and lozenges

Do not forget those items in refrigerators and freezers.

When in doubt, take it out.
Any products not listed above that may require protection should be bagged or removed from the structure being fumigated. If you have any questions about what should be bagged, please contact your local professional pest management company at My Termite Co (323)440-4556